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Hi, my name is Svetlana Khabarova. My passion is making realistic teddies. My bears are very detailed: open-close eyes and mouth, hand sculpted teeth and claws, soft silicone noses and leather paw pads. They have plastic spines and brass and steel armature in their paws. So they can be posed in many lovely realistic poses, sleep and bite your finger with their little teeth. Big bear have growlers and it is very funny to play with them. I always put a pouch with steel pellets in the bear’s tummy to give him a nice, weighty feel.
My favourite materials are high quality and very dense faux furs and alpaca. Paw pads are made from the recycled leather or sometimes from silicone.
The name “Our Bears” may be looks a little bit strange and I want to explain how it appeared. I started to make bears in 2003 when my first son was about two years old. He visited all teddy bear fairs with me, saw how I worked and was very fond of bear making. There were only two categories of teddy bears for him: our bears, which were made by me and all other teddies. So why “Our Bears” means that bears are created by me but in our teddy bear friendly family, each member of which always supports all my creative ideas.
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